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Hotels in Krasnodar

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Hotel Address:34 Anisovaya street
"Valencia Hotel" is set in a green, ecologically friendly district, not far from Krasnodar city centre. It welcomes all kinds of travellers,... more

Hotel Address:54 Turgenev street
"Vizit Hotel" is located in the central part of Krasnodar. It is conveniently located against major landmarks of the city - the railway station, the... more

Hotel Address:124 Pashkovskaya street
The brand-new modern "Aureliu Hotel" is set in the very heart of Krasnodar city, offering comfortable accommodation and high level of service with... more

Hotel Address:39 Bryanskaya street
"Aurora Hotel" is located in historical centre of Krasnodar city. Set close to it, are the major cultural landmarks and business centres, making the... more

Hotel Address:7G Sormovskaya street
Bali, location: City centre - 9,4 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:19 Vasnetsov street
The "Bestuzhev" is one of the coziest hotels of Krasnodar. The Bestuzhevs are very noted nobles family, a whole dynasty of marvelous people, a plead... more

Hotel Address:17/1 Plantanovy boulevard
Britanika, location: from the city center... more

Hotel Address:121/2 Dzerzhinsky street
"Business-Hotel" is set in a quiet spot not far from Krasnodar city centre. The hotel welcomes business people and tourists, seeking comfortable... more

Hotel Address:228 Krasnykh Partizan street
... more

Hotel Address:5 Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya street
"Ekaterininskiy Hotel Complex" is located in the picturesque park area close to cultural and administrative centre of Krasnodar city. The cultural... more

Hotel Address:106 Machuga street
"El Rio Hotel" is set in a quiet district of Krasnodar city, close to local points of interest and the airport. The hotel key count is respectively... more

Hotel Address:363 Severnaya street
... more

Hotel Address:19/3 Platanovy boulevard
"Express-Hotel" stands on green and lovely Platonov Boulevard in the Yubileyny district of Krasnodar city. The hotel surroundings include several... more

Hotel Address:182 Babushkina street
Gosti, location: from the city center... more

Hotel Address:3/4 Montazhniki street
"Gratz Hotel" is located in business and financial centre of Krasnodar. The proximity to major business centres and administration offices is an... more

Hotel Address:43 Mira street
... more

Hotel Address:109 Krasnaya street
The "Intourist" hotel is one of the most famous and prestigious hotels in the Kuban region. The hotel is located on the central square of Krasnodar... more

Hotel Address:57 Lineynaya street
"Karambol Hotel" is situated in a quiet neighborhood of Krasnodar city. There are many public transport stops nearby, so guests will find it easy... more

Hotel Address:4/1 Rashpilevskaya street
... more

Hotel Address:133 Seleznyov street
"Marsell Hotel" welcomes all kinds of travellers, tourists and business people alike, to stay at close proximity to Krasnodar city centre, among... more

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