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Hotels in Smolensk

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Hotel Address:Mikrorayon Yujniy, building 40
«Dvoryanskoe gnezdo» it is not just a simple hotel of Smolensk, but a hotel complex including hotel, restaurant, cafe-bar and traditional Russian... more

Hotel Address:Gubenko str, 26
Complex «Noviy Hotel» situated in one of the oldest districs of Smolensk has embodied the best trends of advanced architectural design and dynamics... more

Hotel Address:7A Bagration street
Avrora, location: City centre - 4 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:64 Krupskaya street
Chaplin Mini-hotel, location: City centre - 4,4 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:40 Yuzhny block
"Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo Hotel" is situated in the quiet nature site within the boundaries of Smolensk city. It accommodates a noble estate, nested on... more

Hotel Address:60A Roslavskoye Shosse
"Koleso Hotel" occupies a red-brick building on enclosed territory, located within 10 minutes of driving from the centre of Smolensk city. It offers... more

Hotel Address:2 3rd Severny lane
Kristina Hotel is situated not far from Smolensk business and administrative centre. European designers decorated the hotel interior in 19th century... more

Hotel Address:2A 1st Petrovsky lane
Medved, location: City centre - 0,5 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:26 Gubenko street
Hotel New complex is situated in the northern part of Smolensk not far from city airport and railway station. Hotel New provides accommodation in 39... more

Hotel Address:Park-Hotel Volskye Dachi
... more

Hotel Address:22G Kirov street
There are 39 convenient numbers, including suites, at your disposal. Choose the best for you and have a rest with comfort. The hotel is known for its... more

Hotel Address:23/2 Dzerzhinsky street
"Rossiya Hotel" is located in the administrative centre of Smolensk city. Built in 1980 right before the XX Olympic Games, it nowadays meets the... more

Hotel Address:5 Smolyaninov street
Seven Hills, location: City centre - 5,3 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:2/1 Lenin street
"SmolenskHotel" is located in historical and business centre of Smolensk city, close to its major attractions - museums, monuments, art gallery,... more

Hotel Address:2V Bakunin street
"Usadba Hotel" is located in the centre of Smolensk city, among the major landmarks and points of interest. The hotel surroundings include - Dnepr... more

Hotel Address:Vysokoe village
Vysokoe Club-hotel, location: City centre - 20 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:5th km Roslavlsoye highway
Zebra, location: City centre - 8 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:382 km Moscow-Minsk highway, Smolensk Region, Smolensk district
The Phoenix Motel was built in 1970 and is geographically located on the main Minsk-Moscow highway about 15 km from the town center. Often referred... more

Hotel Address:334 km Moscow-Minsk highway
Apelsin, location: City centre - 3,5 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:5A Kashen street
Derzhava, location: City centre - 2,3 km from the city center... more

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